The low cost Rubber Stamp Handle
to mount your stamps that not
only gives you benefits in
procurement and production
but also benefits your customer
in usage and security.
Why T-mount


T-mount rubber stamp handles are especially created for large orders, easy to order and can be quickly delivered throughout the world:
  • They are lightweight and thus suitable to being couriered quickly and economically
  • Even if using other transport methods freighting costs are decreased.
  • T-mounts are a low cost alternative to other mounts
  • Orders up to 10000 can usually be dispatched within two days of payment receipt.
  • Problems are minimized when importing or exporting T-mounts compared to wooden mounts. Some countries regulate the import or export of wooden products. For example; the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) who regulates the importation of wood and wood products requires that wood and wood products undergo certain phytosanitary procedures prior to importation in order to eliminate the risk of introducing non-native pests and diseases.


Not only will the T-mount save you on product costs but also in production costs. Your production manager will be happy with the time saved in assembly and will not be ashamed to present a T-mount(ed) product to your customers:
  • A T-mount comes ready to use, no in-house mount manufacturing, preparation or finishing is required just adhere your text plates
  • No time needed to mark the front of the stamp compared to a plain wood mount as each side is different
  • The shape and consistent size of the T-mount lends itself to a high-speed production line assembly.
  • They can be fitted neatly into racks for quick and easy movement around in the production room


Your customers will appreciation using the T-mount
  • It won’t break easily
  • It is easy to pick up and stamp using the thumb and index finger (or thumb, index finger and middle finger)
  • No more getting fingers dirty when stamping on the ink-pad
  • No more stamping the impression upside down. As soon as you pick a T-mount up you can identify which side is facing you even without looking (your fingers will feel the curved arc on the one side of the handle). After a few stampings you will remember which side is front.
  • If the mount is picked up the wrong way it can be flicked around quickly using the middle finger
  • A colored or printed round sticker and can be added to the flat side of the handle of the mount if identification of different stamps in a set is required.
  • T-mounts are manufactured using high quality moulds ensuring a quality product


T-mounts are perfectly suited for election rubber stamp handles and adding a T-mount Security Wrapper around the mount can protect these stamps simply, quickly and effectively. Each wrapper is secured by sealing with a tamper evident tape that provides the user with visible evidence that tampering may have occurred before the time of correct usage. Every Voting Station Officer will be confident that the stamps they have been issued have not been tampered with before use.
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  • Plate Size: 33x33mm
  • Max. Text Plate Size: 30x30mm
  • Height: 30mm
  • Weight: 5g
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Colour: Blue (orders over 10000 you can specify)
  • One part moulding
  • Washable
  • Space for branding
  • Pad printable
  • Suitable for protective wrapper